Patient-Centered Chiropractic Treatment

At Merckling Family Chiropractic, we offer personalized chiropractic treatments that fit your needs.

How We Personalize Our Services

Every patient is different, so we will create chiropractic treatment plans that reflect that. Before starting chiropractic therapy, new patients complete an assessment discussing their medical history, current symptoms, where their pain is located, and how severe the pain is. From there, our specialists will recommend one or a combination of our chiropractic services based on your condition.

While spinal adjustments are among our most common chiropractic treatment methods, we also use different techniques when appropriate, including:


  • Flexion & Distraction
  • Electric Stim Therapy
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Cold/Ice Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Massage/Manipulation
  • Professional Nutritional Products
female receiving chiropractic treatment

Customized Chiropractic Treatment That Meets Your Needs

Our specialists understand the importance of a patient-centered approach. We will design a personalized plan to help you achieve optimal health and ease your pain. Please contact us if you have further questions about our chiropractic services or want to request an appointment with us today.

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