Treating Lower Back Pain with Custom Orthotics

Lower back pain is the most common condition leading to disability among working men and women under the age of 45.

Your Feet Are the Foundation

Without proper foot support, numerous parts of your body are vulnerable to unnecessary stress. This stress is a common cause of lower back pain.

Foot Levelers

Treating Back Pain with Chiropractic Therapy and Orthotics

Custom orthotics ease the stress on the body while improving your foundation. Used in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, orthotics will aid in balancing your feet and supporting good posture.

Custom orthotics have been proven to reduce lower back pain by 34.5%. Merckling Family Chiropractic can custom make a pair of Foot Levelers orthotics using a 3D scan of your feet. Schedule an appointment today and experience the benefits of custom orthotics firsthand.

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