Merckling Chiropractic: Lowering Healthcare Costs with Better Outcomes (Part 3)

Chiropractors Can Help Save Billions in Healthcare Costs

A recent study from OptumHealth, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare, indicated that a more efficient treatment path typically begins with a patient consulting a chiropractor, like Merckling Family Chiropractic. This path tends to lead to interventions that are more closely aligned with rec­ommended treatment guidelines and ultimately more favorable solutions at more reasonable costs.

Chiropractic infographic

Chiropractic Gets Better Results at a Lower Cost

According to the study of a nationwide data pool of millions of patients, $1.3 billion dollars could be saved if patients seek out chiropractic care first for non-surgical spine episodes. When patients start their care with chiropractic, the total cost of care is the lowest among all other healthcare providers.

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