Understanding Chiropractic Treatments

When you finally decide you’ve lived with your chronic back pain or neck pain long enough, or if your TMJ-related headaches have just become unbearable, making an appointment with Dr. Merckling is a great idea. But for many, the thought of spinal manipulation, or many of the other chiropractic treatments used by Dr. Merckling, can be a bit intimidating. We get it. For patients unfamiliar with the techniques and benefits of chiropractic care, the whole idea can be scary. That’s why we have a page dedicated to answering the most common questions regarding chiropractic care.

Common Chiropractic Therapies & Treatments

If Dr. Merckling feels you would benefit from treatment, here are a few of the most common techniques and therapies he may employ. Of course, every patient is unique and your individual program may use any number of other treatments.

chiropractic adjustment
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