Good Posture Can Shave 3-5 Pounds off of Your Appearance

Take a Stand for Good Posture!

Paying attention to your posture can pay off big time. Not only can it help prevent chronic back pain but it can also improve your overall appearance and mood.

The Good

  • Keeping your spine straight protects the joints from early degeneration
  • Strong back muscles means your less likely to experience a back injury

The Bad

  • American workers spend up to 38 minutes per hour slouching
  • Just 30 minutes in poor posture significantly increases stress levels and depression

The Ugly

  • Those who sit for long periods of time have twice the risk of developing diabetes
  • They also have a 147% increased risk for cardiovascular disease even with exercise

Tips for Good Posture

  • While sitting at work, change your position every 30 TO 60 MINUTES and ensure you have a proper ergonomic workstation to optimize postural hygiene
  • STANDING BURNS 20% more calories, strengthens muscles, boosts metabolism and increases bone density
  • Incorporating CHIROPRACTIC CARE will do more than provide pain relief from years of poor posture
  • A doctor of chiropractic can work with you to determine the UNDERLYING PROBLEM(S) with your posture
  • Comprehensive care including spinal adjustments and education on how to properly stretch, exercise and adjust your resting posture all work together in helping you ACHIEVE PROPER POSTURE

    Pain is NOT a Lifestyle!

    Don't wait another day. Schedule a consultation today and start living your life again!

    take a stand for good posture
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