Merckling Chiropractic: Lowering Healthcare Costs with Better Outcomes (Part 5)

Did You Know that Doctors of Chiropractic Have 7+ Years of Rigorous, Comprehensive Schooling?

Becoming a chiropractic doctor, like Dr. Merckling, requires 7+ years of schooling and training. In that time they must complete 90 credits of pre-medical undergraduate college education, as well as four to five years of professional study.

Chiropractor schooling

Chiropractors Also Complete A Year of Clinical-Based Patient Care

Chiropractors must also complete at least one year in clinical-based patient care within the doctor of chiropractic curriculum. All of this is part of a course study accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

Making chiropractic part of your wellness routine and as a drug-free alternative to pain management just makes sense.

Stay Tuned for Part 6 of This 6-Part Series

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